D. Adam Davis (majungo) wrote in stanton,
D. Adam Davis

#3 now. meh.

at least Paxon got put back in its place. bitches, thinking they can be as good as us.

also, let it be said: Jefferson County is an IB-only school that STILL doesn't match us in terms of scholarship money.
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Well, suck-ass International doesn't have thier own website so:

And as for Jefferson County High...
(Those suck-asses don't have a site either.)


Who really cares? The criteria Newsweek uses to rank the schools is pretty arbitrary anyway. It just shows we take a hellovalot of AP and IB tests.
YOU SHUT UP! We totally got a cook-out after we got #1 in Freshman year!
Hahaha, yeah, even though their ranking method was really stupid, it does rankle, just a bit, that we're not number one. But that's how Stanton kids are....
Yeah, scholarship money is pretty hard to beat. We got $9.6 million this year.