the elevator girl (elevator_grl) wrote in stanton,
the elevator girl

Seniors are graduating Monday at UNF at 4 p.m. Anyone besides us coming?
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Do you have extra tickets?
I'm giving mine away. I'm surprised, no one else invited you? DonDon should have plenty since he's not going.
Well I asked Larry and David but they don't have extras. Liwei said if she had an extra one she'd give me one but I haven't seen them so yeah...
i thought you said you got the tix.
This comment was before I talked to David again.
My mommy is coming, and my daddy is coming...

Ok, no, I know what you mean I was just teasing you :)

I think Doodle (Adam) is coming back because Emmie is giving him a ticket, and maybe some other 2004 seniors. (shrug)
I'm coming to see a few people
wow is that earlier than last year or what? Any extras for me?
it's about the same. and you're in freakin gainesville! you can't go!
i'm there. how exciting.
I'm coming to support my sister and any other seniors I know (Brian Sharpe, Ethan Soergel, Tess Mattingly...there are more).
Congratulations guys!